Brooke Summers Gets Her Pussy Bottomed Out By BBC

From Lethal Pass

Starring Brooke Summers, Jon Jon

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Added July 01 2015

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Brooke Summers just popped by Jon Jon's house only to find him wearing nothing but a towel on. She scoots to the far end of his bed, her mind wondering just how big his cock is hidden under his bath towel. When Jon flashes her, she declares that his giant dick can't even fit in her mouth, let alone her tight pussy! After some persuasion, she's got both hands wrapped around his black pole and sucking down half his shaft. Then, Jon strips her nude and fans her luscious thighs apart and begins licking her pussy to her delight. Now for the moment of truth! Brooke's face is a mix of fear and lust as Jon slams her twat apart with his deep strokes!

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