Elektra Somehow Fits Sean's Giant 12 Inch Cock In Her

From Lethal Pass

Starring Electra Rose, Sean Michaels

Rating Rated 185 times

Added October 27 2015

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After attending a Black Cocks Matter political rally, Sean Michaels meets beautiful brunette white girl, Elektra Rose and takes her back to his place. After hitting it off, Elektra takes off her shirt and slips off her tiny shorts. She's dying to know how Sean's outrageously big, black dick will fit in her tight slit! After comically trying to suck him off, Elektra gets the wildest dick ride of her life when Sean pushes all 12 inches of BBC right in her teen pussy. That cunt is so small, Sean can only fit half way in before bottoming her out! One size does not fit all! This interracial scene must be seen to be believed!

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