Horny White Girl Bites Off More Than She Can Screw

From Lethal Pass

Starring Tiffany Bannister, Jon Jon

Rating Rated 94 times

Added October 28 2015

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Curvy brunette babe, Tiffany Bannister thinks black cocks matter a helluva lot when it comes to fucking! She likes how black guys are packing crazy wood in their pants, but most importantly, they really know how to tap dat ass and keep their girls cumming back for more! Jon Jon tests out Tiffany's gag reflex first by jamming his big-ass dick in her mouth until it tickles her tonsils. After passing her black blowjob test, she gets her big, natural tits fucked! But nothing will prepare her for full-on black cock penetration! Tiffany loses her fucking mind when Jon Jon starts fucking her really hard. She totally bit off more than she can screw!

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